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Reign of Chera Kings

It is possible to reconstruct the history of about 17 chera kings from the sangam works, of which Pattirupattu alone narrates the story of 8 chera kings as the first and last tens of the work are missing.Other works like Purananuru, Akananuru etc., help to glean the history of couple of other kings.

Imayavaramban Neduncheralathan:
He was the son of Utiyancheral and Nalini, is said to have conquered 7 kings, incised the bow insignia on the Himalayas and felled the Kadamba tree in the island when he sailed to that island. Such trees, are called Kavalmaram (guardian trees) and felling this totem tree was like capturing the flag of the chief. He is said to have reigned for 58 years.

Peruncheral Irumporai:
He was son and successor of selva-kkdunkovaliyatan, sung in 8th decad by the poet Arisil Kilar won a great victory at Takadur against Adiyaman and two great kings. He was sung by Mocirkiranar in Purananuru that when he arrived at the palace of this king, the latter had gone for hunt and the poet who was tired, fell asleep by mistake on the couch intended for the royal drum. The king on his return not only disturbed the poet but fanned him till he woke up. He reigned for 17 years.

Ilam cheral Irumporai:
Son and successor of Perunceral Irumporai and he was sung by Perunkundrur kilar, was the lord of the cities Tondi, Kongu and Puli. He defeated Perunchola Ilam Palaiyan Maran and Vicci and destroyed the 5 forts.He ruled for 16 years.

Andtuvan cheral Irumporai:
Two references, one in the colophon of Pattirupattu (ancient Tamil literature), where selvakkadunko Valiyathan is mentioned as the son of the Antuvan cheral and other in colophon to Purananuru(Literature) of Uraiyur, Mociyar are available on this king Mudittalai Kopperunar killientered the precints of Karuvur, due to his inability to control a rutted elephant which he rode and the poet Mociyar tried to dissuade Antuvan cheral Irumporai from mistaking the chola king of having done an act of hostility, in this verse of Purananuru.

Kanaikkal Irumporai:
Muvan, who was defeated by chera king and punished by pulling out his teeth to be fixed at the gate of his capital Tondi (Narrinai:18). The chera king marched against Koccenganan,the chola king who defeated the former in the battle at the Ovur and took him a captive and interned at Kunavayil Kottam(purananuru:74). Poigaiyar the chera court poet sung Kalavali Narpattu in praise of Koccenganan to secure the release of chera king, who in the meantome feeling insulted when he was not given water to quench his thirst,breathed his last before being ordered to be released.

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