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Formation of Tamil nadu

On the eve of Independence Madras state consist of many districts where majority of people spoke tamil.

The India National congress had its organisational units committees on the linquistic basis. In the 1952 election to the madras legislative assembly, the congress could not get the majority and secured 152 of the 367 seats, mainly because of the non-formation of Telugu state. Rajaji became the chief minister of madras state. Potti sriramulu, a telugu from the madras city began his fast from 19 oct 1952 in madras and on 15 Dec he died. There was a vilont rioting in the Telugu region, Nehru announced that an Andhra state, consisting of all telugu speaking district of the state of madras, without madras city would be set up.

The states Reorganisation Act was passed in 1956, by which southern state were reorganised on linguistic basis.

The northern boundary of the madras state started near the Pulicat lake and passed through a point between tirupati, in the north and tirutani in the south. The trilingual taluk of Hosur was included in the salem district. The Malabar district were made part of the state Kerala. Kollegal Taluk went to Mysore and Devikulam and Pirumedu (on the border land between Tranvancore and Tirunelveli district) though claimed by tamils became part of Kerala.

The taluks of Agasteswaram, Tovalai, Kal-kulam and Vilavancodu in the southern part of Travancore were assigned to the madras state, constituting the Kanyakumari district, while the major part of Shencottah taluk of travancore was merged with Tirunelveli district of madras state.

By the end of the year 1956, the map of south India was linguistically redrawn and the state tamils called the state of madras in the beginning, was renamed as tamilnadu when the Dravida Munnetra Kalakam captured power in the state in 1967.

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